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Wherever the location of a building the sun provides a part more or less important of its energy. If some region may seem disadvantaged, measurements show that the differences in sunlight are not extreme (maximum ± 30%).

Why not enjoy the sun by producing its hot water through solar panels?

Our goal is to offer you the means to contribute to your energy independence and renewable energy development while protecting the environment. Solar thermal is an effective way to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and we participate as a citizen of the world to our future.

Our experts analyze your configuration and offer a quick solution tailored to your needs.

We offer a complete range of solar systems suitable for different configurations of roof.

Does solar technology is developed?

The technique is proven and reliable. About 50 000 installations in Switzerland are there to prove it. Ask your supplier to show you some reference plants, or visit a facility to convince you of its impeccable operation.

During one hour the sun radiates to the earth so much energy that humans consume 1 day.

Can I use the sun as an energy?

Solar plant with Stirling generator.  800MW